P2 Youth Exchange 2017



Project Summary!
Waiting for information from host organizatio.
When: 15-22 March

Where: Greece

Hotel: Click Here

This project requires 6 participants who are aged 18-30. At least 2 must be either make or female.

All participants will be hosted in a suitable hostel or hotel. Participants will share same gender rooms. If there are any couples then this will need to be declared to ensure shared room can be made available. However this is not guaranteed.
Hotel or hostel details will be shared near towards the time by the host group.

The project will provide a continental breakfast each morning to all participants. Also participants will be provided a reasonable portion size of meal for lunch as local tradition. Evening meals will vary each day and will be cooked and served to a good standard.

Any dietary requirements must be declared in the application form prior to travel. This will be taken into consideration however this may not be guaranteed in some parts of the country. The hosting country will make suitable arrangements.

Participants are required to be in good health, as active participation will be required in all of the project. The project expects to start each day at 9am and can go on till 9pm in the evening. Breaks and free time will given. 6-7 hours of workshop participation.
All participants are encouraged to apply for the EU health card to benefit from the health benefits whilst out there incase you may need to use them in an emergency.

Culture Night Party:
Each night there will be a party. This is a perfect opportunity for each country to showcase anything from traditional songs, dances, jokes, comedy, foods, customers, games and so on. The list is endless and you can choose what you would like to do.

All participants are required to purchase flights and other transport which is required to get to the destination.
Your will need to travel in most economic and cheap way to ensure you are with your budget.

You will be reimbursed on your return to the uk. The time can vary from anything from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. However the project speculates it can be longer but we have not experienced this so rest assured.

The max you can get reimbursed is 270 euros or if you have spend less then anything from 80-90% of your total.

E.g ONE – flight and train = 245 euros
You will get reimbursed 235 euros (approx 10 euros deduction to cover bank charge)

E.g TWO – flight and train = 320 euros
You will get reimbursed 260 euros (approx 10 euros deduction to cover bank charge)

Location and Safety:
The project has been chosen in a safe location and you will not encounter any problems. The local council and local police are aware of this project and will be supporting should anything go wrong. The U.K. FCO has also given the all clear and declared there are no issues or concerns at this present times.

Unable to Travel:
Unfortunately we understand from time to time unforeseen situations can arise and this can lead to participants cancelling their participation. However, ARYP CIC will not be held liable and we are unable to refund for flights or any other travel you have purchased. (Please see insurance)

Spending Money:
ARYP CIC can not advise how much money you should take with you. However we do suggest to take extra funds with you to cover any meals outside of the project or any excursions you may wish to join or even buy some gifts for family and friends.

Mobile and Wifi:
The project location will have access to coverage and WiFI, however it is not guaranteed there will be speed as good as home roaming. Any cost incurred whilst out on the project will not be covered by ARYP CIC.

Travel Insurance:
The project does not cover travel insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct level of cover before traveling. We suggest to check with your bank first as many high street banks offer free travel as part of the current account. However if this is not he case the we suggest to check online or try your local Post Office.

The project and the country in question is in EU so everything will be in Euros. Please note there may be little to none facilities to exchange money whilst out there. So therefore we suggest to have the currency exchanged before your travel.

I am sure you will have many questions which have not been answered, especially if it is your first time, so feel free to get in touch with the team and we will be more then happy to help. If you would like to meet us in person, this can be arranged just email us at InfusionVentures@aryp.co.uk.