Alum Rock Youth Project

Welcome to Alum Rock Youth Project. We are a Birmingham based Youth Project. Our Project is run by young people for young people with the help and support of our Youth Workers.

Please feel free to browse around our site, the site is designed to give you a quick sample of the work we are doing in the Alum Rock, Birmingham area.

Our core aims are to provide a warm, safe and welcoming environment to young people by providing centre based youth work support and activities.

We also operate a number of detached sessions in the Alum Rock, Washwood Heath, Bordesley Green and Hodge Hill Wards, sending our Youth Workers out onto the streets to work with the young people.

Another fundamental aim of our project is to let our community see the value of young people by providing the young people with the tools and skills to demonstrate that they are a vital asset and to eradicate the false portrayal by the media of typical stereo types they share today for the young people.

Alum Rock Youth Project was setup in May 2007 with the help of the amazing Ness Cole, who was the the Youth Officer at the time for the Constituency. (Birmingham City Council)

The project started with only 10 young people and to date has seen 1000’s of young people, who have come through the door and have have received support and guidance which has been tailored to meet their individual needs.

The work continues, and we are actively looking for volunteers who can spare a few hours a week to support centre based activities. We are also appealing to local business and the wider community for an kind donations to support the work. The project is not funded by any mainstream funding or grants.