Our Journey

Mrs Akhtar – Dec 2016
It has been a truly amazing experience. The staff here are so organised and the children love it. The lunch service was truly outstanding. My kids are really fussy eaters and they have been eating dinners and coming home and telling me all about it. Hats of to you Saj you do some amazing work and are a great asset to our community

Mr Abdul – Dec 2016
Kids have had an amazing time. Staff are lovely. Saj is very warm and welcoming and always willing to go an extra mile. Kids don’t stop talking about. Perfect for holidays as keeps kids busy.

Mrs Bhatu – Dec 2016
Wow where do is start. So organised, a variety of play, lots a of new initiatives. Lots of learning. I wish I was this age to attend. go the lunch service is great as it save me the hassle to get so thing together each morning. Again value for money. Will encourage other mums and dads to use up service.

Mrs Begum – Dec 2016
I would like to express a huge thank you to Saj and Team. You guys have been so great. You deliver a great service each time and it gets better and better each time. The children have lots to talk about when they get in. They don’t have much to say when they get back from school. But really and truly a heart felt salute goes out to you Saj and Niala who put your little one in care and run this on a voluntary basis.

Mrs Khan – Nov 2016
“The staffs here is very friendly and really have looked after my boy during this half term. It has been value for money with a wide range of activities. Thank you to all the staff at Play-scheme”

Mrs Hussain – Nov 2016
“I would like to thank Saj and his team for the opportunity given to my 9 year old over play-scheme. It has really has opened him up as young boy and some of the things he has learnt were amazing. I would highly recommend Play Den Play-scheme to all mums.”

Mrs Bi – Nov 2016
“Thank you to all staff and Uncle Saj LOL. I really hope you will run again in Christmas. I really do feel our children need to be more open on knowledge across all faiths. Nativity play I hope she can get involved in this.”

Mrs Ali – Nov 2016
“It was a wonderful experience for the children, it gave them something to do every day. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Rimsha – Dec 16
It was a fun time. I liked all the new games we did. I made lots of new friends.

Mohammed – Dec 16
The week was so fun as we did lots of games. I enjoyed lunch every day. Saj and Niala was very nice to me. I made lots of things and took home.

Ibrahim – Dec 16
Salaam uncle, just wanted to say “thank you” for the Playscheme. I really enjoyed myself for the week. Everyone was helpful and all the activities were good and enjoyable.bcant wait for the next one. Thanks to everyone.

Danish – Dec 16
It’s a proper laugh coming here. I get to meet my friends and play ps3. Weather was not good so not much sports this time but next time will be kool. Lunch everyday was wicked and I loved it.

Abdul – Dec 16
I so loved the arts and crafts area. Made so much stuff and took home. Lots of new arts and crafts things I got to use. I liked jafar he was very nice to me and he helped me a lot.

Mohammed Bilal – Nov 17
“It was most amazing time I had in the Playscheme, we got to do lots of fun things and I made loads of new friends”

Ismail Aziz – Dec 2012
“Alum Rock Youth Project has given me many skills to life to be able to socialise, to be independent and to think positive for the future. Alum Rock Youth Project should be in every city working with all young children and give them an opportunity like it gave me to travel, learn many life skills and support of my future and meet new people”

Nassar Mohammed – Nov 2012
“It’s cool ya know coming to the youth club, you get loads of help and support in fixing up. You get to find out all about trips and that. It’s made me change from what I used to be and to what I am. In the club we got like a pool table, table tennis, PS3 and much more. These guys are doing all this for free to help us youngsters to stay off streets, what more can we ask from these guys giving up their family time and so. All il say is a massive thank you and if it wasn’t for them I would have been on the street messing up.”

Sohban Hussain – Oct 2017 – Participant
“The international projects led by Mohammed Sajad where how can I say once in a life time experience. Having been chosen as a candidate was the luckiest moment as there were a lot of anxious people on the list wanting to go however each trip has a limit of how many people can attend. The organisation of travelling to and from turkey was supreme as our leader Mohammed was well organised with the paper work and great at time keeping.
The international projects help you learn many interesting things such as meeting new people from different allocated countries and learning about their lifestyles and being able to openly compare one another’s concerns about their countries.
The projects vary in topics but to certify all the topics are great fun as well as educational, they help you interact, improve your communication skills and your practical and knowledge skills.
It’s an opportunity of a life time which just can’t be defined in a few paragraphs.”

Moneeb Ahmed – Oct 2017 – Participant
Turkey. Was an eye opener project enjoyed it and learnt that the privileges that we have in England people around the world don’t even have anything and it has made me realise to not take most things for granted oh and not forgetting having Turkish donner was like being in heaven!

Zara Amjad – Oct 2017 – Participant
“I have been blessed three times with the opportunity of attending Saj’s Youth Exchange Projects to different cities in Turkey. It was a lifetime experience as I met people from all walks of life and gained a lot of knowledge from them. The trips gave me more confidence to face the outside world. I would recommend these Projects for young and older teens, they are also ALOT of fun!! ”

Selina Khan – Oct 2014 – Participant
“This was my first international project I had never been out of the UK. This project was about disability and how to make awareness. This project has truly opened me up as a person, I feel I have the confidence to do more, and contribute to the wider society. I would love to take part again in the international projects. Thank you Saj for giving me this fantastic opportunity and believing in be that I can do it.”

Luqman Khan – Nov 2013 – Play Worker
“I have volunteered at play scheme in October half term holidays and it has been a really good experience because I have learnt so many different things and the staff were great to work with and I am looking forward for the next playscheme.”

Yasmeen Ali – Nov 16 – Play Worker
“During the October half term holidays I volunteered with the ARYP C.I.C Play Den, which I had already been a part of and I enjoyed the experience so much that I wanted to continue it. In this week I developed the skills that I had previously learnt in the summer Play-Scheme. I worked with familiar staff, and met new staff who adapted very well to the atmosphere. Whilst being located in different areas such as the play area, the sports area and the kitchen I got along well with the staff and together we helped one another in different situations. My strengths during the play den were working with children in a one to one situation, this required me giving most of my attention to the child and helping them become more social and interact with the children. Although some took more time than others, at the end of the play-scheme all the children took part in the activities together and became more independent. Using this skill I can pursue in my career path of working with the youth and families and making sure I understand them properly. In addition there were a variety of personalities and backgrounds with the children involved, which meant I had to use different approaches and styles to help them as one approach may not have worked well with them. This meant I could understand the child better so they could enjoy the week and know that the Play den was a place that was fun for everyone. Overall, I took great pleasure in being part of the team and would always come back because each day was always different and there was always a lot to be learnt for new experiences.”

Roda Abiib Nov 16 – Play Worker
“Volunteering at the play scheme for the half term has been a wonderful opportunity. I have learnt many new skills that I can now take with me anywhere. Working with the children especially has thought me a lot. It has definitely helped me gain an understanding of what it’s like to work with children. This experience has overall been rewarding and gratifying.”

Olida Rafique Nov 16 – Play Worker
“Volunteering at the Play Den was an amazing experience, it gave me the opportunity to experience what I want to do in future, all the activities and jobs that come along with the role as a Play Worker put me at an advantage for this because I had the chance to take control and make decisions. The Play-Scheme is a great place to get your experience as you get to feel the intensity of working with so many children at once in your allocated areas. You get given responsibilities that enhance your understanding of your individual independence that you feed off of your initiative. This gives you an idea of how busy summer time and October Play-Scheme is about. The children love going there and knowing that you could be making a difference in their lives would give you that self-joy and pride, my experience at the Play Den was amazing”

Rahana Rafique Nov 17 – Creative Arts Co-Coordinator
“Volunteering at Play Den was one of the best choices I made in a very long time. Putting my time into a play scheme put into place for youngsters was simply amazing. The summer scheme was 4 weeks of laughter, with many activities that kept us busy as well as the kids. Having activities such as water play, or sports day gave them something extra to do in their holidays, with the help of us! I had so much fun the first time around, I decided to do it again for the October half term break. One week that went flying! As creative arts co-coordinator, every day was a hand’s on sticky day with the main focus on ‘Halloween’. Making different things and involving children kept them happy. Children got to do different activities every day, whether they were playing sports, cooking, playing games or being creative. The staff all worked extremely hard to make it a massive success, and it was! One thing I have learnt, whilst volunteering here is that working as a team is not easy at all times but in order to achieve the best outcome you need to build a strong team and the main aim should always be to keep the children happy. We were able to provide children with a safe environment where they could all easily integrate, make friends and have a laugh. Although it’s free work, it’s worth it- and seeing them kids smile makes it all worth it in the end!”

Sohail Hussain – Sep 2017 – Play Worker
“I had a great time working with a great team of staff and children. I have learnt a variety of skills for experience of working with children. I would love to have another opportunity to work alongside Saj and the rest of ARYP team!”

Zara Amjad Sep 2017 – Deputy Play Manager
“I’d like to give Saj for giving me the opportunity to take part in the summer playscheme! It was a great success and helped me gain a lot of experience! I wouldn’t have managed without his expertise.”

Sohban Hussain – Sep 2017 – Play Worker
“Play scheme was a mind blowing adventure for myself as I was lucky to have the chance to work with such enthusiastic and joyful colleagues who were great role models to not only myself but to the children attending. The ability of using your initiative was a great challenge which I had overcome as I was able to consistently keep the children active and happy with the activities they were participating in. It’s a great place to send your kids over the summer and half term so they can gain confidence and at the same time enjoy countless number of activities every day.”

Maz Khan – Sep 2016 – Creative Coordinator
Best decision I have made ever, volunteering in summer play scheme was a great experience. Everyday doing different/fun activities such as water play, sports, arts and crafts, cooking and many more, As well as me many children enjoyed it they enjoyed doing something in their holidays. We all enjoyed working together and we could have not done it without Saj, it was great working with him and I am very happy he gave me this opportunity so I could do something for my community I look forward in the future to do more volunteering.

Niala Jabeen – Oct 2017 – Play-Scheme Manager
“Carrying out play-scheme manager role for the first time was very challenging however it was well worth it. I have gained confidence and self-esteem by managing play workers and making sure that children are safe and occupied whilst at Play Den. The experience was positive and given the opportunity to show and use my skills to enhance and support others was appreciated and well used”

Adnan Ali Nov 2016 – Deputy Manager
“I volunteered as a Deputy Manager at play den. The experience I gained while doing this role at play den was amazing as various actives were involved each day and the kids got to participate in them activities. The thing I enjoyed the most about play den was that us volunteers got together with the kids and engaged into the activities which made it fun for the kids. I like seeing the kids grow into mature and sensible young individuals and knowing that I may have done a little bit to have helped them in that development. It was also exciting to see children from different backgrounds mixing with each other and playing together. Without these young individuals the play den would not be possible, but most off all they are the future of our local community.”

IMove Property Centre – January 2019

We are Proud sponsors of the Play Den Play Scheme. The team works extremely hard and delioveres excellent services for the children in the community.