Community Trips

Due to Covid 19, we have have taken the decision to not organise anything for this summer 2021. We apologies for any inconvenience.

The fine beach sand between your toes, sun kissing your shoulders, sound of waves crashing to the shore, and dipping in crystal clear waters – is easily one of the most relaxing, exciting, and fun-filled places on earth. Does anyone really need to be convinced to take a trip to the beach? Going to the beach with your friends, as a couple, or solo is different from going to the beach as a family with all the kids in tow. The logistics are simply not the same. While most parents want to build sandcastles and create memories with their kids during summer vacation, the reality is that it takes more work and planning to take your family on a beach vacation. But the benefits far outweigh the hassle!

There are many other reasons why families need to go to the beach—from building fond memories to the many health benefits that you probably aren’t aware of. The beach and kids are a great combination, so on your next summer trip make it a point to discover why! Let this be the beginning.