About Us

ARYP C.I.C has been formed to serve the local community through programmes like, Youth Work, Play-Scheme, International youth Projects, Volunteering and Employment.

ARYP C.I.C was setup in Aug 2012 as a community interest company, after trading as a non-profit voluntary organization (informal group) Alum Rock Youth Project, which was setup in May 2007.

ARYP C.I.C hopes to improve lives of people in Birmingham, especially young people in Hodge Hill Constituency through varies projects and with the help of our volunteers and local businesses.

We actively promote the well being of our members in the community with opportunities to extensive education, employment, culture awareness, up to date health related information and experience to broaden their horizon.

ARYP C.I.C will continue to develop and creative such programmes to engage members of the community, where they will be guided and mentored to better life choices.

We continue to promote opportunities that will broaden horizons and enabling local young adults try out work placements across the local area to as far as Europe. We also actively work to address local health needs by raising awareness of conditions and providing solutions that will meet local needs.

Our journey has just begun and we hope you will support us to reach our aims in the wider society. Together we can we can make a difference.